About Portugal

Welcome! Portugal is an ancient country with a long tradition but it is "young at heart". Here you will find a brief an overview about Portugal. This might help you to find why Portugal is a country to visit, trade and invest. As every year many visitors have are coming to Portugal this beautiful country is known already for a great number of travelers. Still, there are always new places to visit and new spots to discover. However, reading about Portugal can rise you the interest not just for traveling but also to trade and invest.

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Portugal historySituated in the south western part of Europe, the country of Portugal, formally referred to as the Republic of Portugal is surrounded in the north and east by Spain, and by the opulent Atlantic Ocean in the south and west. As early as 138 BC the landmass which is known today as Portugal was induced within the territories of the Roman Empire which had established its supremacy at that time. Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that the name ‘Portugal’ owes its origin from the Roman name ‘Porto Cale’...


Geography and climatic conditions

Geographhy and climateThe country of Portugal is located towards the south western part of Europe and it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on two sides and Spain on the other two. The two major climatic types that dominate this nation are the Mediterranean type climate and the Oceanic climate. The autumn and winter seasons are windy and rainy while the summers and springtime are sunny and pleasant. Average annual temperature of the country ranges between thirteen degree Celsius to eighteen degree Celsius...